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Intralogistics Planning

Driverless transport systems, modular shuttle warehouses, fully automated picking robots – the market offers a wide range of technologies and IT systems for modern intralogistics. However, every technology application requires integrated planning to meet individual requirements. As part of our intralogistics planning, we therefore always develop a complete system that meets your individual requirements and has an optimum degree of automation. In addition to the classic warehouse functions, many logistics locations perform additional tasks such as labelling, packaging, preparation or other value added services. In a first step, we therefore record the current processes in the existing building as well as the current and future requirements. After evaluating the relevant inventory and quantity data, the quantitative requirements are determined in detail and extrapolated to the planning year. Uncertainties can be reduced by suitable sensitivity analyses.

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Whether it is a new planning, replanning or expansion planning of your company premises - the optimal coordination of processes, warehouse planning and technology is indispensable. With the right intralogistics concept, you not only increase the profitability of your company, but also protect yourself from breakdowns and disruptions in your operations

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Intralogistics planning: How we work

During the design process, we follow proved methods, always focusing on an intelligent, ergonomic process. Possible process and technology variants are developed and evaluated. In terms of a holistic planning approach, we specify and visualize processes and material flows from incoming goods to outgoing goods. Important decisions in the material flow are explicitly described in order to operate the interface to the control and IT concept. With the help of our process database we evaluate existing processes in order to determine the required personnel hours and equipment such as forklifts, workstations or scanners. In the associated material flow concept, we specify requirements for the conveyor technology.


In addition to investment and operating costs, qualitative evaluation criteria such as feasibility during operation, expandability, subsequent use and scalability play a decisive role in determining a preferred variant.

Intralogistics planning

If desired, we not only advise you, but also implement the concept. We take care of the tendering and awarding of the necessary services for you, accompany the implementation and carry out the commissioning up to the go-live.

Through our manufacturer-neutral concept and evaluation, which is based on an anonymized target price database, we guarantee a supplier-neutral planning and implementation.

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