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IT consulting for logistics – the selection of suitable IT systems for corporate logistics requires extensive expertise in the areas of logistics, processes and IT. The requirements for IT Systems vary a lot depending on the business sector, size and structure of the company and so forth. Due to continuously changing markets and new technical developments, the required range of services is also subject to constant change. The market for possible IT solutions in the areas of warehousing, logistics and transport is just as diverse and therefore also confusing. However, the choice of a suitable IT solution has a very strong influence on the performance and profitability of entire companies. We develop the optimal IT strategies and concepts for you, from individual problems to company-wide conversions, support you in planning and implementation and ensure that the go-live is successful.

Efficient logistics processes require individual IT systems. VCE GmbH supports you in the development and integration of tailor-made IT systems.
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The optimal IT infrastructure

IT Strategy

Today, IT Systems are inevitable for any business. The range of IT systems for companies seems to be overwhelming at first glance. When choosing a suitable IT system, it is therefore always important to keep the target-oriented function in mind. Through our experience we can support companies in setting the right framework conditions, in setting up a long-term concept and planning, as well as in helping them at short notice with the selection and tendering of new software.

We examine in detail which IT solution is best for you, how to use it optimally and introduce you to the new system accordingly. As a neutral service provider, we work together with external providers and find exactly the one that meets your specific requirements from a wide range of software solutions. If the market does not provide the solution you need, we even go one step further with individual software and customizing.


Our goal is always to keep an eye on the success of your business and to increase efficiency and added value in the long term.

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We guide and support you through the implementation

Project Management IT

The dependencies during the introduction or conversion to a new software are often diverse and the tasks are accordingly complex. In order to ensure a smooth and efficient process, a project management is therefore necessary which, in addition to the superordinate control, also makes the right decisions at all times with profound specialist knowledge.


We not only provide consulting services, but also offer comprehensive project management: We coordinate and plan all milestones of an IT project from the requirements analysis to the detailed time and budget planning to the successful commissioning. In doing so, we make use of the individually appropriate methodology. Whether agile or classic, whether SCRUM, PMP or ITILv3, we find the best approach for each project.

Project Management IT at a glance:

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Ensure full functionality at all times

Quality Assurance

Software systems play a central role in any company. So it is critically important that these systems run reliably, securely and stably. At the same time, however, the demands on the systems are constantly changing and must be expanded or even replaced. In addition, there is the emerging trend in software development towards “continuous delivery” of new software versions in the cloud. The agile development approach makes shorter release cycles possible and is often requested by the client to be able to use new functions promptly.


We help companies to ensure the quality of the delivered software in interaction with the individual business processes.

Change as an opportunity

Change Management

Change is in the nature of the market economy. Successful change management helps companies to use change as a catalyst for their own corporate success. Topics for change management consulting are, for example, the connection of different IT systems or the redesign of logistics processes. Many companies reach their limits in this respect, as the risk of disruptions and the associated costs should not be underestimated. We support you in implementing these changes in a planned, efficient and cost-effective manner with minimal risk.


We have many years of experience in implementing new IT systems. Coupled with comprehensive planning and professional implementation, your IT processes are also adapted to the new corporate environment and competitive advantages can be secured and expanded.

How we support you in the software-related realignment

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Implementing IT systems successfully


As the decisive final project phase, commissioning is of particular importance. Within the scope of this phase, on the one hand, the correct implementation must be validated by means of suitable tests and, on the other hand, a smooth transition to the operative business must be ensured.


Commissioning therefore covers the core topics of testing and go-live as well as their planning and preparation. Often several IT systems from different suppliers are involved, which must work together from a certain point in time. In addition, there are dependencies between IT, technology and physical load carriers as well as a certain potential for conflict between clients and suppliers.

Go-Live strategically

We look back on many years of experience in the commissioning of IT systems in international companies and teams. Through competent planning and implementation of the commissioning we achieve directly measurable project success for our customers:

Logistics Software Consulting

We support you competently in the field of logistics IT. Whether ERP consulting, logistics IT consulting or the selection of suitable supplementary plug-ins: We will find the perfect solution for your warehouse and logistics IT

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