Efficient material flow planning - a decisive factor

Material Flow Planning

Holistic and efficiently designed material flows are a decisive factor for the performance and economy of logistics systems. They enable throughput times, inventories, space and resource requirements and the associated costs to be reduced while at the same time increasing logistical performance, process stability, flexibility and supply security. Changing framework conditions, an increasing number of variants and changes in assortments and order structures often lead to existing structures, technology and processes no longer functioning in line with requirements, becoming inefficient and non-transparent.


In this environment, a logistics system with lean material flows geared to the value stream in conjunction with storage and materials handling technology that optimally meets performance and capacity requirements is of fundamental importance in order to secure the company’s own competitiveness. Inefficiencies, e.g. caused by too long transport routes, unwanted material stays or too high inventories, must be minimized as far as possible in the holistic design of internal material movements.

The decisive factor material flow

  • Reduction of throughput times, inventories, space and resource requirements and the associated costs
  • Increase of logistic performance, process stability and supply security
  • Changing framework conditions and new customer requirements demand flexible adaptation of technology and processes. The focus on the material flow helps to keep processes and technology efficient in order to protect the own competitiveness
  • Thus, the design of the material flow has a direct influence on the logistics costs and on the increase of productivity and profitability.

We analyze the material flows in your company to uncover existing optimization potential. According to your needs, we give recommendations for action or realize the planning draft for you.

Whether new or expansion planning of a logistics property or the optimization of historically grown structures and processes in already existing systems. Material flow planning is suitable for numerous areas of application. In all cases it is crucial to choose a holistic planning approach. Layout planning, material flow planning and process design must not be considered in isolation, but are closely interlinked. VCE GmbH supports your company in harmonizing the use of technology and personnel as well as processes in an optimized functional layout with directed material flows, so that the requirements for capacity and performance of the overall system are met holistically and optimally and the productivity and profitability of your company is increased.

Material Flow Planning

Our approach to material flow planning

  • Recording of the current and future requirements of the logistic handling - especially with regard to processes, functional areas, internal and external interfaces, throughput rates, capacities, assortment and order structure, characteristics of the stored/transported goods etc.
  • Development of a from/to transport matrix of all necessary material movements with quantities per relation and time
  • Visualization of material flows as material flow diagram and/or quantity proportional as Sankey diagram to illustrate conditions and processes
  • Planning of the required functional areas as well as their spatial and temporal connection in the sense of a material flow-suitable interaction with minimum distances - coordinated with the planned or existing construction and infrastructure
  • Selection and conception of storage, transport and conveyor technology with a suitable degree of automation and control mechanisms for the technical implementation of the target processes
  • Dimensioning of logistics areas (e.g. for storage, provision, packaging, transport routes)
  • If required, simulation of the entire system or individual sub-systems to validate performance, to show the effects of volume fluctuations and to derive capacity utilization, queuing and bottleneck behavior
  • Quantitative (investment and operating costs, personnel requirements) and qualitative (e.g. performance, flexibility, scalability, implementation effort, risks) evaluation of the developed solution variants and derivation of a recommendation for action

Sankey diagram example | Click on the thumbnail to view the whole sankey diagramm

Re-plan material flows or check them for efficiency?

Do you want to replan the material flows in your company or check and optimize them for efficiency? Get non-binding advice now:

Material flow planning and material flow optimization

Reduce logistics costs and increase productivity

  • Holistically optimized functional area layout with directed material flows and a storage and conveyor system that optimally meets the performance and capacity
  • Clearly structured processes and areas of responsibility
  • Visualized and quantitatively evaluated material flows to clarify conditions and processes and to reveal possible inefficiencies Optimization of transport routes, throughput times, stocks, space and resource requirements
  • Increase in logistical performance, process stability and supply security
  • Reduction of logistics costs and increase of productivity and profitability

Check optimization potential now

We analyze the material flows in your company to uncover existing optimization potential. According to your needs, we give recommendations for action or realize the planning draft for you. We will also be happy to advise you on related topics such as intralogistics planning, process design and all other relevant logistics issues.

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