The optimal supply chain & network design

Network Design

Logistikberatung - Berater mit Layoutplan

Logistic network design

Optimize the network structure

The requirements for an optimal logistical network design are diverse and subject to constant change. Changing customer requirements, company mergers or splits and changes in transport conditions are some examples. We work out the optimal location and functions of logistics and production sites and the ideal transport relationships between them. The superior goals of this optimization are:

  • Reduction of transport costs (inbound and/or outbound)
  • Reduction of location costs
  • Reduction of inventory costs
  • Increased ability to deliver and customer proximity
  • Adaptability to changing conditions

Together with you, we determine the optimum number and location of your sites and ensure the ideal networking of your supply chain.

Detailed analysis and visualization of the actual state

First of all, we record all relevant locations from the supplier to the existing production and warehouse locations right down to the individual customer. We then store these together with master and transaction data in a specialized IT planning toolkit and analyze and visualize the current situation. From this, we identify concrete, target-oriented needs for action.

  • Analysis of all relevant locations from suppliers to existing production and warehouse locations to individual customers
  • Development of a from/to transport matrix of all necessary material movements with quantities per relation and time
  • Identification of possible quick wins
  • Identification of concrete, goal-oriented need for action

Development of possible measures to optimize the distribution structure

In close cooperation with you, we develop possible actions to optimize the network structure, for example

  • Optimization of the allocation of the point of sales to the warehouse locations
  • Optimization of the assortment of the storage locations
  • Location optimization in terms of number and location
  • Location optimization in terms of function (central/regional warehouse, turnover point)

Make a decision based on solid data

In the conception phase we develop suitable alternative scenarios for the future development of your logistics. These can be compared with the status quo on the basis of key performance and cost figures. This enables a detailed evaluation of the potential for structural optimization. Decisions that follow are based on a solid foundation. Choose the variant to be implemented depending on the development of your business. We then develop a step-by-step implementation recommendation, taking into account the respective implementation effort.

  • Development of suitable alternative scenarios for the future development of your logistics
  • Comparison of alternative scenarios and status quo based on performance and cost indicators
  • Detailed evaluation of the potentials
  • Decide which scenario is best for the development of your business
  • We develop implementation recommendations for you taking into account your general conditions

Optimize logistics network

Whether you are already planning a concrete project or are wondering whether an optimization of your network design is necessary, we are happy to advise you.

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