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Process optimization

Logistic process design is a key function in the fulfilment of customer orders. Well-designed logistics processes enable business development and competitiveness. New customer requirements for delivery service and integration of sales channels, new compliance regulations, changes in legislation and, of course, cost optimization make it necessary to continuously review and optimize logistics processes.


The market offers an endless number of technical solutions and software products for process optimization. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors admire the latest products for the automation of transport and warehouse processes. How do you decide which solution and which products can really be used in your company in a targeted manner? If solutions for the optimization of logistics processes are selected without the task to be solved being sufficiently defined, the benefit is doubtful to expensive. The latest products are not always necessary to achieve an optimal result:


Large Internet retailers and successful logistics service providers successfully demonstrate that even with a low degree of automation, enormous throughput rates can be achieved with innovative picking and shipping processes.

Benefits of a well thought-out process optimization

Optimization potential of logistics processes

Within the scope of digitization projects, VCE GmbH supports its customers in the development of their own digital strategy, in the conception of processes, in the design of the future IT landscape and in the digitization of processes along the entire value chain. In order to enable digital transformation, VCE GmbH puts together the appropriate project team of senior consultants, process designers and IT experts, depending on the application.

Logistic process optimizationught-out process optimization

How we work: Optimization of logistics processes

Optimize logistics processes

VCE GmbH helps you to position yourself securely in a changing business environment and to design and implement the right measures for your company. The basis for any optimization, automation or IT adaptation is always the optimal business processes.

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