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The purpose of yard management is the efficient organization of all material and traffic flows into and on the factory premises. yard management includes the efficient planning, coordination, handling and control of the material and traffic flows with the aim of optimizing existing processes and making them more efficient.


Traffic jams in front of the gate, backlogs in the public space caused by delivering trucks, unmet time slotszul for delivery and collection, communication problems with the forwarding agencies and outdated analogue processes or even security risks caused by registered trucks waiting for hours on the factory premises – the problems of yard management present many companies with challenges that are not small.


There are countless software solutions on the market that comprehensively map the material and traffic flows on the IT side and promise considerable optimization approaches. But which of these software solutions is the right one for my company? Do we even meet the process requirements for the use of such software solutions? And what about the infrastructural requirements? Is there sufficient space for the supply control?

Efficient design of all material and traffic flows

Yard Management: How we work

VCE as an integral logistics planner supports you in these issues. We deal with both the process-related requirements of materials management and the infrastructural tasks of classical transport planning. For this purpose, we look at all material and traffic flows both on the factory premises and at the gate, i.e. at the interface to public road space. We optimize the gate processes and check the efficiency of the gate throughput, always taking into account the effects on the public road space. In addition to aspects of performance, the issue of noise emissions is increasingly coming to the fore.


On the company premises, we check the requirement for guidance systems. Together with you, we develop solutions for efficient ramp control and show you the necessary traffic infrastructure, such as control areas, truck parking areas and call-off systems as well as loading and unloading areas. Together with you, we select the software solution on the market that fits your processes and infrastructures and support you during implementation and commissioning.  In case there is no suitable software solution on the market, we will support you with the entire customizing process.

Our consulting and planning services for yard management include:

Optimize your yard management

We will find the solution that suits your company. Based on the defined optimization needs, we streamline or relocate gate and warehouse processes, develop back-up areas and find the right technology to support your processes.

We support you in the tendering process for the required services and in the implementation of the new processes and technologies.

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