VCE Consulting auf der Logfair Messe

Online Exhibition

Visit us at the online exhibition Logfair on 12.05.2020

Unfortunately, we are unable to meet for a trade fair on site at the moment. But thanks to Logfair, there is also an important logistics trade fair online and open to visitors all year round. At you can create a visitor account and then look around the fair. On certain dates, theme days with lectures are held at the online trade fair. On these days, an employee can be contacted virtually at each stand. The theme of the coming theme day on 12.05.20 is “Digitalisation and Innovations in Logistics” and will also be about logistics in times of Corona. Lectures on 12 May:


  • The Kitty Hawk moment of digitalisation – Why dinosaurs only survive in films
  • Logistics in times of corona – simulation ensures the necessary reorientation
  • Will AI move the goods in the future?
  • Project success is the result of successful cooperation – actually simple, isn’t it?
  • Process analyses as they should be – Real data – Zero effort
  • A better life on the road through the cloud


Visit the Logfair on 12.05.2020. Admission is free of charge.