Improving efficiency in transport logistics Austrian Post

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As a leading company in the field of logistics and postal services, Austrian Post is active far beyond the borders of Austria. VCE

VCE has optimized transport logistics for Austrian Post. To this end, the efficiency of Austrian Post’s existing transport logistics was analyzed and evaluated, and optimization measures were identified for both transport logistics and the company’s organizational and operational structure. The optimization potential identified by VCE enabled Austrian Post to significantly reduce transport costs, while maintaining a conservative implementation rate.
What have we done? VCE’s task was to minimize the effort involved in the transport of the pre-, main and onward carriage and to restructure the outdated route planning based on the current letter and parcel bases. Based on the transport data of one year, VCE created a calculation model and mapped the current transport logistics. On the basis of the current transport logistics model, weak points were shown and bottlenecks were identified. VCE was able to remedy these weaknesses and optimize future transport logistics by changing time and volume-dependent conditions and adjusting other parameters along the process chain.

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Improving efficiency in transport logistics Austrian Post

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Scope of Project

  • Optimization of the structural and process organization
  • Network optimization
  • Transport cost optimization
  • Scenario calculations and recommendation

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