Planning Traffic Control of a Truck Park

The currenta GmbH & Co. OHG offers services for the chemical and chemical-related industries. In the field of infra-structure, these services include the planning and operation of infrastructure facilities such as roads as well as the connection of the chemical park sites to the municipal infrastructure.

The task of the project was to plan the traffic control at and to the car terminal at Tor 11 in Krefeld-Uerdingen. The project was divided into four sub-projects, which were worked on in coordination with one another.

In the first subproject, a new signage and marking concept was developed for the truck park. The basis for this was, among other things, changes in the traffic routing as well as an expansion of the truck park. The development of the concept was carried out in cooperation with the office Rücken & Partner and included the work phases 1-3 of the HOAI. The goal was to explicitly define the traffic routing at the truck park. In addition to that in this subproject, variants were developed for cordoning off and releasing parking spaces for freight transport control in accordance with ADR.

In two further subprojects, feasibility studies were carried out on the installation of a parking guidance system to control the trucks and on camera monitoring at the truck park. In both feasibility studies, variants were developed to analysise which technologies could be implemented in the systems. The comparison of the advantages and disadvantages as well as the respective costs of each variant were used by the client to make a decision.

In the fourth subproject, the access control to the truck park was optimized. Since the gate is closed during the night, variants were developed to improve the traffic control to another gate and its perception during these hours as well as variants to prevent trucks from parking in front of the gate at an early stage. Advantages and disadvantages of each variant as well as the respective costs were prepared as a basis for the client to make a decision.

Planning Traffic Control of a Truck Park



Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG

Scope of Project

  • Development of signage and marking concept
  • Feasibility study on the parking guidance system
  • Feasibility study for camera monitoring
  • Development of variants for inflow control
  • Cost estimations

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