Project management for digital parking fee displays – Essen Exhibition Centre / Germany

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With 50 trade fairs and exhibitions every year, Essen is one of the top ten trade fair locations in Germany. International, national and regional trade and consumer fairs attract 1.5 million visitors annually. The seven parking areas of Messe Essen offer around 10,000 parking spaces all year round for visitors to the fair and the Grugapark as well as guests from the surrounding area.

The subject of the project was the conversion of the charge displays of the parking areas to a digital display system and the integration of the system into the existing structure of the parking technology. In addition to the project coordination and the control of the various specialist planners, the specification and planning of the hardware and software of the digital fee displays was also carried out.

Within the scope of the project preparation, the project objectives were defined, a framework schedule was set and a cost estimate was prepared. The performance descriptions of the trades of the individual specialist planners were drawn up and relevant specialist planners were identified. The project coordination was continued within the framework of the management and control of the specialist planners as well as the continuous planning of funds requirements and outflow.

The project management included not only the supervision of the preliminary and implementation planning of the trades technical installations, traffic systems and digital display technology, but also the preparation and support of the awarding procedures and the subsequent control of the services of the specialist planners in the context of the implementation of the trades mentioned.

In connection with the planning and specification of requirements for the display technology, it was necessary to automate the functionality of the existing fee tables, to ensure the service level for the customers and to integrate the digital display systems into the parking areas and the corporate design of Messe Essen. In the course of this, a requirement specification of the advertising technology was developed and the planning of the advertising locations was implemented.

Project management for digital parking fee displays – Essen Exhibition Centre / Germany

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Scope of Project

  • Project management
  • Specialist planning of hardware and software Digital fee display
  • Participation and implementation of the awards digital fee display
  • Commissioning

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