Shipping Process optimization to adapt to a dynamic market for Paulmann Licht GmbH

Paulmann Licht GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers in the lighting industry with a full range of over 2,500 luminaires and lamps for the realization of individual lighting ideas. At the headquarters in springe of the family-owned company, founded in 1978, there are approx. 260 employees.

Changing market requirements, such as increasing online trade, smaller orders, shorter delivery times, as well as increasing environmental awareness of customers for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions, represent new requirements for the design of shipping processes at Paulmann Licht. In order to meet these requirements in the future, the company’s shipping processes were to be analyzed and optimized as part of this project.

At the beginning of the project, a detailed inventory was carried out, in which both the logistical load and the order structure were determined with the help of data evaluations. On-site inspections and expert interviews were also used to gain an understanding of the existing processes, material flows and the technical equipment used in shipping.

In the second work package, the results of the inventory were analyzed and evaluated. By critically questioning the existing processes and technical equipment on the basis of the logistical load, various optimization approaches for the shipping process were developed. Optimizations in the areas of packaging materials, workflows or automation were developed and discussed with the client. Some of the measures were evaluated with the help of a amortization calculation in order to identify the variant with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Shipping Process optimization to adapt to a dynamic market for Paulmann Licht GmbH



Paulmann Licht GmbH

Scope of Project

• basic determination
• determination of the future load
• development of optimization approaches
• evaluation of the approaches
• amortization calculation

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