Intralogistics Planning of a Warehouse for Long and Heavy Goods for A.L.S.


Due to positive business development and the long-lasting demand for warehouse and logistics space, the existing property at the Werl site reached its capacity limits. In order to continue to meet customer needs in the future, A.L.S. intended to construct a warehouse building of around 12,000 m², for which VCE took on the task of […]

DC Central Germany


Rising sales figures and more complex supply chains require new logistics structures. The building materials manufacturer therefore intends to supply its customers, point of sale and international subsidiaries via several distribution centers (DC) in Germany and Europe in the future. The first DC was to be realized in Central Germany. The aim of the project […]

Design of regional B2C fulfilment centres for Yandex Market


As part of its expansion strategy, Yandex Market is planning to build several new regional B2C fulfilment centres in Russia. The task of this project was to design a suitable intralogistics system for the regional distribution centres. This forms the basis for the subsequent invitation to tender for the warehouse and automation technology. At the […]

Shipping Process optimization to adapt to a dynamic market for Paulmann Licht GmbH


Changing market requirements, such as increasing online trade, smaller orders, shorter delivery times, as well as increasing environmental awareness of customers for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions, represent new requirements for the design of shipping processes at Paulmann Licht. In order to meet these requirements in the future, the company’s shipping processes were to […]

Planning Traffic Control of a Truck Park


The task of the project was to plan the traffic control at and to the car terminal at Tor 11 in Krefeld-Uerdingen. The project was divided into four sub-projects, which were worked on in coordination with one another. In the first subproject, a new signage and marking concept was developed for the truck park. The […]

Operation analysis logistics north for the Henkel factory Düsseldorf

Container auf Schienenverkehr

The aim of the project was to examine whether future rail traffic can be handled on the planned infrastructure. In the first step, the current operation was recorded in detail. This included the recording of current wagon movements, the resources used, operating times and operational processes. In the next step, the development of the wagon […]

Improving efficiency in transport logistics Austrian Post

Gelbes Lieferfahrzeug vor Gebäude

VCE has optimized transport logistics for Austrian Post. To this end, the efficiency of Austrian Post’s existing transport logistics was analyzed and evaluated, and optimization measures were identified for both transport logistics and the company’s organizational and operational structure. The optimization potential identified by VCE enabled Austrian Post to significantly reduce transport costs, while maintaining […]

Event logistics – Development & commissioning of logistics concept


Due to the new construction of the event center in the center of Wiesbaden, the task was to develop an overall logistics concept for the handling of event traffic and to redefine, tender and procure the necessary processes, space and equipment for the specific location. VCE has developed a modular logistics concept for the RMCC, […]